• Public Safety
    Protecting our families is my top priority. I am committed to working with the Judiciary, Sheriff, District Attorney and Probation Department to put an end to overcrowding at our County Jail. We need consequences and rehabilitation to end the cycle of recidivism. San Joaquin County has the highest recidivism rates in California. 75% Of convicted criminals in San Joaquin County will re-offend. This has to stop to become a healthy community.
  • Water
    We must protect and promote agriculture in the San Joaquin County. San Joaquin County is one of the most agriculturally rich regions in the world. Working together – county agriculture officials, farmers and community leaders – we must protect the lifeblood of agriculture, our water supply, from powerful interests that are trying to confiscate this indispensable resource.

    While the water debate continues to dominate Sacramento politics, San Joaquin County must make sure their voice is heard. I am committed to protecting our agriculture industry by ensuring we have the necessary water supply to maintain our way of life.

  • Economic Opportunity
    San Joaquin County is suffering from high unemployment. We must attract quality jobs in San Joaquin County to maintain the American dream of families to buy a home and raise our families. I have a plan to stimulate economic growth by cutting bureaucratic red tape and unnecessary regulation to attract new businesses.

    I also recognize that we must support working families who are having difficulties with affordable childcare, and health insurance. Finally, we must continue to support local businesses to encourage them to stay and grow in San Joaquin County.